A Couple of Webinars After

So far I’ve done 4 webinars, and I tell you – I like it.

Still have a lot to learn. The one I did with Roy was different, and I’ve learned a lot just by preparing to the webinar (less than an hour before…). I still need to get the hang of talking to a crowd, while still maintaining the direct 1-on-1 I have while doing demos.

I think of doing just Q&A webinars, along with ones covering different topics.

Few things that were better this time around:

  • No breakage like last time.
  • more people attending. In the 2nd one yesterday we had almost 70 people, which is a record so far, and we’ve done some basic marketing. What we’re doing seems to work. It’s catching on.
  • We need to be more specific about what we’re inviting people to. People came yesterday expecting a technical demo, and we failed them
  • I need more automation in thank you’s and welcome’s and stuff. I want to see what happens after this thank you note.
  • I like the reports GoToWebinar gives me. I like data. Give me numbers. Now give me more.

It catches on. And this is a great way for building community. We’ll see what happens with a few more.

And if somehow you’ve missed the webinar, here’s the Unit testing SharePoint one, and here’s the unit testing in an organization.

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