Battle of the frameworks: The SharePoint arena

Last week, I gave a presentation at the Israeli SharePoint user group on unit testing SharePoint applications. Slides below. Me closer (lurking in the shadows).Gil presenting on why Mario T Shirts are so popular

As an objective observer, I compared the two and only alternatives for Isolation frameworks for SharePoint: Typemock Isolator and Microsoft Moles. And here’s my objective decision: Isolator wins by a mile and a half. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The way I reached the conclusion is by spending a Saturday morning, trying to translate my Isolator examples (these are the ones I gave at my last year’s webinar on SharePoint). Well, not a translation, just how it looks in Molish.

Ahh, the pain. You need to be a Lambda master, and not one of those who just got their license. Compiler’s not helpful. And the Moles generator was not that clear on its error. (Note that I insisted to run tests without SharePoint installed. And with just part of my health lost, I succeeded). The funny thing, is that my presentation talks about unit testing removing pain. Ok, not ha-ha funny.

On my trials, I looked to the internets, to find examples of Moles usage, outside the MS how-to and some DateTime examples. Alas, apart from Andrew Woodward’s Shweet, I could not find any.

I finally managed to do both examples, and share my pain with the group. They agreed.

Here are the slides. I’ll post the examples later.

Presenting at the Israeli SharePoint User Group on June 23rd

I'll be presenting (in Hebrew) on unit testing SharePoint apps this Wednesday. More information here.
If you're interested in the topic (SharePoint., unit testing or both), come one, come all.
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