Pragmatic agile

Tried scrum and it didn’t work?

Agile may work for others but not for you?

You’re not the first.

There’s a reason so many fail in their scrum, kanban or any agile transition: They believe that a shrink-wrapped method will work without the context of their organization and their people. When it doesn’t they declare defeat.

The bad news: Even when it works, it’s hard. The journey is long, bumpy, and full of terrors. But there are good news: It’s possible to get better.

The practices will help with proper training and coaching, but they need to be pragmatically tailored for your people. This is where I come in.

If your goal is to “transition to scrum”, good luck.

But if your goal is to become more effective as an organization, identify risks earlier and handle them, develop the right products properly and continue to improve over time, be “agile” to compete in the ever changing market –  I can help you.

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