Identify the leak

Find the pain points and create an improvement plan

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Turn the ship around

Boost the team skills to get them on the highway to effectiveness and productivity

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Full speed ahead

Maintain course with hands-on mentoring with proven practices

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The Lean Learning Board

A while back, when I wore my product hat, I started referring to the product backlog as an option backlog. We had lots of ideas going in there, but they were basically stories that we didn’t commit to implementing. Instead, we could pick from our options based on our understanding  of the market, our capabilities

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Language Is A Virus

I was in a client meeting  for presenting the new states of Product Backlog Items (PBIs) in Microsoft TFS. When I received the invitation for the meeting, I was excited and curious . Excited because the team I was working with, finally had enough with the pre-built states. Curious because – why is there only

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