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These are some of the subjects I train and coach. I fit the courses and workshops to the needs of the organization.

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Product managementUnit testing and TDD
Creating MVPsIntroduction to unit testing in .Net
Behavior driven development (BDD)Effective unit testing and TDD
Continuous learning with experimentsIntroduction to unit testing in embedded software
Portfolio and product feature prioritizationRefactoring legacy code
Management with Real OptionsIntroduction to Unit Testing in Java
Story mappingIntroduction to Unit Testing in Javascript
Acceptance test driven development (ATDD)
TestingEffective software practices
Introduction to agile testingAdvanced agile programming techniques
Creating a testing strategyContinuous integration and build management
Risk based testingCraftsmanship
Exploratory testingSOLID principles
Clean code
Property-based testing
Agile and Lean Management
Introduction to Lean Startup
Introduction to Theory of Constraints (TOC)
Prioritization by Cost of Delay
Managing uncertainty and complexity
Agile metrics
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