Improvement requires training. Training takes the team from where they are now, and gives them new capabilities towards their new objectives.

Product managers and business analysts can benefit from learning agile and lean product management principles and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD).

Developers can become more effective with training. They learn proven technical methods, like Test Driven Development (TDD), unit testing, and proper design principles that improve developer productivity and quality.

Testers can improve their automation and exploratory testing skills. From learning the basic needs of coding tests, to defining test strategies when time is limited and the risks are high.

Dev-op can learn how to aid the developers manage source trees, releases and environments for development, testing and staging.  They can improve product deployment efficiency by automating continuous integration and delivery.

Team leaders can raise their productivity by improving their managements skills, effective meeting facilitation, resolving conflicts in the team, using agile tools.

Management teams gain visibility and predictability into their organization. By introducing organization-wide methodologies like lean, kanban or scrum, management teams can focus and move coherently to fulfill organizational goals.

Since no two teams have the same needs, the organization needs is reflected in the training content.
Once trained, the team can start making the changes in their day-to-day work.

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