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Management Review Time!

And I presented the different statistics and everyone asked for forgiveness and changed their way immediately. Not. (Did you expect otherwise?) There’s a general feeling that things are not going well (discussing the results with the PMs prior to the meeting helped alleviate “unpleasant” surprises, and everyone knew what’s going to be displayed). The mood

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Runaway Bug Train

Continuing with the metric fest, we calculated that throughout the last year, one of the projects accumulated more than 250 open bugs. That means that after removing the fixed new bugs, and fixed all bugs from the count, the team is far behind in catching up the runaway train. What’s the solution? There’s not one

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How do they remember your software?

One of the things I did as part of the metric collection was look at the number of open bugs in the first release of a version (which should be the Release Candidate, but unfortunately, lately it isn’t) and the final release of a version. What causes extra releases? Bugs. Last minute changes from the

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