Better testing

It used to be that you were lucky to have a tester, or “QA” that the developers drop everything on three days before release. The testers would scramble to manually test everything they could in that very short team, and then would have to explain why they couldn’t complete their testing.

Those days are long gone.

Our testers today need a wide range of skills: Automation to build and maintain the regression suite. Business understanding so they can spend their times testing the important stuff. Exploratory testing to cover the things that no one thought about, but the user will. Test planning to make sure that they cover all the exits. Reporting and maintaining bug information without getting over-flooded. Monitoring processes in production to understand how the systems work in the wild, not just an isolated staging server.

The list goes on.

Testers don’t wake up like this in the morning. My training and workshops are built to create effective testers in your organization. I coach testers to sift through documentation, identify the risks, and plan their time and work for the best of the product. we work on improving the essential skills that unfortunately not taught in schools or courses.

Testing skills need to be developed so you can release your software with confidence. So you know what you have before and after people are using it. I can help.

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