Unit testing and TDD

So you’ve decided your team needs to start writing unit tests? Excellent.

Test driven development? Even better.

It looks easy. It’s not.

I’ve been in the unit testing business for ten years. The first thing that people look for our tools. I’ve learned that the tools are just the beginning. It’s really easy to learn them from their docs. And you can do the simple “calculator” exercises. But when it comes to legacy code, your code, that’s where the problems begin.

My courses and workshops go through the concepts, tool options, techniques and pot holes to look out for, throughout your unit testing journey. The workshops are hands-on, real life examples, and include exercises from your code as well.

After the initial training, your team needs directing, pointers and solutions that are specialized for your code. If you want the process to stick, you need a coach. My goal is to make sure the team continues to write tests, effective tests, even after I’m gone.

So, make sure you do it properly.

I can help.

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