Lean product management

You have a great team of developers. Your testers are top-notch. They make sure the product is of the highest quality.

Then you release the product and it tanks.

I’ve been there, it’s not a great feeling. All the effort gone into it, we could have built something that would succeed. That would be useful.

In our world today, building products without testing the ideas, capturing user responses and feeding them directly back into the product is the way to develop. The days of having an idea and building it to perfection for two years are over.

Your products are too precious to gamble on.

My training and workshops for product managers, business analysts and other product specialists are planned to put you on the road to learning. Using lean principles, feedback, building MVPs, story mapping and other product research and planning techniques will help you drive the products to fit your market.

Don’t gamble on your product’s future.

Learn how to develop the right way.

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