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People vs Programs

SecretGeek writes about examples on why people are not like computers. He gives 4, but I’m sure there are at least 7 differences. The first example DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) is the opposite of Horstman’s second law of management (from the excellent Manager Tools): “There’s no such thing as over-communication”. By the way the first

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… And we’re back!

After doing some thinking, I decided to revive the blog. I’m still at Typemock, and you can find most of what I’ve blogged in the last year and a half there. I am going to cross-post from the Typemock blog, but also add some more “philosophical” stuff here. Stay tuned…

This Reminds Me of Me

Scott Hanselman, who has the excellent technology podcast HanselMinutes, wrote about meeting his idols, and how it sounds to an innocent bystander, in this case, his wife. I remember having this feeling coming off TechEd awhile back, after seeing Don Box on stage (in the great immediate post-COM days). It was easy to share the

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Finally moving to FireFox

It actually happened today and I’m sold. Due to installing the monthly Microsoft patches, IE decided to close whenever I opened it. A few hours later I isolated which patch actually caused it, and removed it and IE came back to life. But it was too late. In the mean time, I switched to Firefox,

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We’re currently starting to work towards the annual management review. Most of the time I’ve been here at Bio-Rad, I used to be at the other end. It goes like this: QA shows different metrics and measurements collected recently, relating to the whole year. Project manager looks surprised. (I’ve practiced, so I know). Investigation begins.

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Hello world!

This would be the first entry, so this is where I have to define where I’m going with this blog. Not that I really know yet. I’m currently in an interesting position. After 13 years of doing software development, architecture and managing software projects, I wound up in a place where I should be able

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