Hello world!

This would be the first entry, so this is where I have to define where I’m going with this blog. Not that I really know yet.

I’m currently in an interesting position. After 13 years of doing software development, architecture and managing software projects, I wound up in a place where I should be able to influence the processes (read: QA). However, there’s a constant battle with the software project managers, who I’m pestering with my little set of annoyances – do that, document this, did you actually test it before you shipped?

Therefore, I will concentrate on software development practices. I will also touch on some workplace politics, or “the dark side”.

Most of my experience is on Microsoft environments and tools, so my posts will be in that context. I’m trying to be open to the other small planets around the sun (Google, a newly discovered shiny one for instance).

I also see this blog as an opportunity to enhance my writing skills, so I would like to see some improvement over time.

Oh yes, and if I wind up on the top 100 blogger list, that’s not bad either.

So here’s to a long and hopefully interesting ride!

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