The Remote Safety Net Works to a Limit

I continued updating the Excel template for supporting the metric collection since last time. What I though was a bug was not really a bug. I added a few test cases, but the tests kept passing without code change. Imagine the disappointment…

I still had a feeling there’s something wrong. That I was not covering everything. I changed the system under test code to make more sense. And the test are still passing.

Then I went back to Excel, to “paste-special” the formulas. This means writing the functions in Excel formula code. From today’s experience, this is very error prone. I think I’m finished, but I’ll need some kind of a code review. This would be me and my boss going over each formula to make sure its correct. It’s so easy to make a mistake.

And I’ve grown addicted to the immediate feedback loop (aka automated tests) it feels like coding in Notepad – you hope it will compile, but you can’t really prove that.

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