Problem Solving with Isolator

Note: Cross posted from The Typemock Insider Blog.


I’ve written before how Richard Fennell is using CThru to fake a SharePoint workflow. But he’s not the only one using Isolator to solve problems.

Take for example, Apostolis Bekiaros. He’s writing an MVC app, and wants to write more readable tests. Sure, he can do this the hard way, since MVC allows it. But his code with Isolator is much more elegant. By the way, he has a new open-source project called eXpand, which is tested with Isolator.

On the other end of the globe, Francis Cheung, uses Isolator in integration tests, by redirecting calls from the SharePoint’s server to object you construct locally. I tend to say it a lot lately: The same tools today are available both unit testing and integration testing (MSTest or NUnit, Isolator) and you can use both for different purposes in different ways. And what Francis did is really cool.

Well done guys!

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