Richard Fennell Writes a CThru Logging Aspect

Note: Cross posted from The Typemock Insider Blog.


CThru is something like an extension method. It allows you to add functionality to an already working system, especially when you don’t access to the code inside.

Richard Fennell from Black Marble is looking for a way to test SharePoint workflows. When we talked about it, it looked to me like the effort Roy put into isolating Silverlight in SilveUnit. In SilverUnit, the main issue was abstracting the asynchronous event messaging that Silverlight relies on, to substitute with a more robust and easy way to set properties. It allowed to create more readable tests, as well as run actual unit tests. In Richard’s case, it’s about identifying the dependency on other systems, that do things in the background.

The work here is not done, since Richard did not complete his quest yet. However, on the way, Richard created a logging aspect, that using CThru, starts narrowing down the search. With logging, you can create a log of all the calls under the hood of your system.

You can see the code here. CThru is coming up as a platform for solving things we couldn’t do before. How can it help you?

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