Next Week’s Webinar – Unit Testing In An Organization

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Just a promo. We’ll have the official PR with links soon.

Next week Roy Osherove and I are going to discuss how to defy the odds and convince your organization to adopt unit testing. Yeah we know, we had it easy. We just said UT, and the entire organization adopted it. NOT.

In real life, there are many challenges. Your boss may object. Your team will cringe at “more work”. You know in your heart (and from our blog) that it’s the right thing to do. What can you do?

This is not a tech demo. It’s a talk about real life. We’ll share from our experience and we encourage people to come tell their tale. Yes, we’ll whine a little. But most of it will be positive actions. Things can you start doing right now, on your way to quality bliss. Fame and fortune follow, of course.

As before we’ll have two sessions next Wednesday (July 29th). The first one is 8am GMT, and the next at 3pm EDT.  So clean up your schedule, prepare a drink, and let’s share stories.

See you next week.

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