Dinner with Uncle Bob

So as you could see from my post on the power of Twitter, Tuesday night Doron , Roy and I took “Uncle” Bob Martin to dinner. This was Bob’s first visit to Israel, and I hope we made a good impression for him to come back.

This was a fun evening for me. At the end, I said it was like a long lunch break at Typemock. It was a geeky dinner. We’ve talked about things software (which language is the next big thing?) to astronomy (Bob’s a hobbyist astronomer) to gaming (he used to DM, and both Doron and he were crazy about StarCraft). Like I said, a geeky dinner.

One of the things we talked about, which stayed with me after that, was how the Microsoft world is different than the rest (mostly known as the Java world). Are the MS developers spoon-fed by MS, and if so  are they doing so willingly? (the answer is yes, by the way). A Java programmer needs to know a lot about many things just to get things going, while a C# programmer gets everything in one big happy package. Is the second more productive/better than the other? it was an interesting and engaging talk.

Another thing I’ve learned is that while you’re exposed to people through blogs, twitter, and through other relating posts (from other people), keep in mind that you still need to talk to them to really know who they are. We talked about the r


ecent “discussion” he had with Jeremy D Miller over Twitter . Regardless of the topic/language used, from my point of view, it was two experts talking, and Twitter makes it seem like they know each other for years. Apparently not so! (So somehow, an image was created that drove how I understood the conversation. Wow, sounds like, I don’t know, marketing?)

In the end, it was a great evening, and I hope when Bob gets here again, we’ll have another talk about sci-fi and fantasy books. Thanks for a great evening, Bob!

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