Weekend Activity: Mental Overload

brainApparently, I’ve become addicted to my task list.

My latest “things that work” to juggle tasks works great. Except when it doesn’t.

When’s that? Weekends.

I took precautions to have the ability to write down tasks when I’m away from my computer. But, I still manage to think about things to do when I’m not there (that’s me, love me for what I am).

And then things are starting to happen inside my head. Wonderful thoughts. Questions like: what should I do first when I get to the office? How should I divide my time next week? Is this thing that I’ve just thought of really that important, and maybe I should reconsider that on Sunday? And am I making sure not to forget this by then?

The whole point of my task list is to avoid remembering stuff. It allows me to not think about all things all the time. Without this list, I’m more occupied with trying not to forget, analyzing (and re-analyzing) and jumping to conclusions in the not-so-right state of mind.

(By the way, agile/kanban people: Think that sticky notes are just for visibility? They’re there so you don’t forget about those tasks!)

When I’m away from the list? Mental overload. It really feels a burden to carry all these thoughts and not concentrate on enjoying “The Witcher” (for RPG buffs: the original Witcher. For all others: A time sink).

One thing I’ve started doing is mailing myself these ideas, so when I’m getting back to the office. It helps to a certain extent, but I’m looking for something better.

What’s your solution?

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