Upcoming Events

It’s update time again. Here’s the plan for the next few months:

March 19-20: Software passion summit, in Goteborg, Sweden. I’ll be talking about the ultimate question in software: “When will it be done?”. I hope to provide some answers as well. This is a new conference, and by the looks of it, is going to be very special.


April 25-28: ACCU, in Oxford, England. This session is going to be a back to roots for me. I called it “From Crappy to Classy: Legacy Code Resuscitation”. Basically, it’s just taking some crappy C++ code, and through tests and refactoring, making it beautiful. And there’s no fun like C++ refactoring, everybody knows that!


In an undisclosed date in May, I’m going to be back in the Israeli .Net User Group (which has also been resuscitated), talking about unit testing. Formal name: A new hope.

And who knows what will happen in June?

Stay tuned.

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