Upcoming Talks

It’s time to talk about when I’m going to talk next.

January 29-30th is Israeli 2nd annual Agile Practitioners conference. While having a 2nd year in a row in Israel is a success by itself. But wait, there’s more. Keynoting are Dan North and Boris Gloger, with more international speakers, as well as some of the best Israeli agile speakers this side of the rockets, like kanban expert Yuval Yeret and Typemock alumni (who is  now in a BetterPlace) Dror Helper.

Friends, Israelis, countrymen, lend me your ear: Don’t miss this conference.

My talk is called this year “It’s not that simple”. Because life, agile and everything else isn’t – it’s complex. I’m going to talk about complexity and system thinking, and touch on the cynefin framework for good measure.

Then in March I’m going to Agile Dev Practices in Potsdam/Berlin. I like the agenda, as well as great speakers including Chris Matts, Olav Maassen and Bob Galen. My talk is “Unit Testing Spring Cleaning” – solutions to adolescent unit testing problems. Also coming is Lior Friedman, who incidentally is an organizer of the Agile Practitioners conference mentioned somewhere in this post.

If you’re interested in agile and lean development and management, these two are great options. Come by and say hi.

Planning some more, stay tuned.

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