“TDD for the rest of us…” Slides

Yesterday I gave a TDD primer for a crowd of mostly testers at DevGeekWeek 2014. It was under an “agile testing” track, and most of them don’t work with developers who test. Most of them don’t have test automation at all.

I started the talk going back to the agile manifesto, and we talked about what is “working software”. We then talked about eXtreme Programming values, concentrating on sustainable pace.

This leads directly to TDD, where we played with Star Wars light sabers (of course).

There were good questions, including one I haven’t heard for a while: “If the developer is doing all the testing, what’s the tester role?” (Here’s a hint)

It worries me that companies still don’t “get” agile yet. Under the premise of agile, they create mini-waterfalls and basically continue as before.

It comforts me that there were 45 people in the room, that their companies sent in order to find out if there are better ways.

Hopefully I helped them.

If you want me to help your team, contact me.

Here are the slides.

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