Everyday Unit Testing

It’s a book!

I’ve toyed with the idea for a few years, but only during the last few months, I’ve given that a real push.

Everyday unit testing” is a collection of ideas, examples, experiences, techniques and other things that I’ve collected and tried over the years with people who started testing. Most people think that unit testing starts and ends with a test framework. Some are not aware of all the things that relate to unit testing, skills like refactoring and naming, keeping tests readable, when and when not to use mocking. A bunch of stuff that rarely appears in one place, if at all. That’s where Everyday Unit Testing comes in.

But above all, it’s a beginning of an adventure for me.

The book is an agile product. It will be published incrementally, and I want your feedback to help me change it for the better. In fact, your feedback will tell me if this book is really needed as I think it is.

I’ve just published one chapter (Tools), along with a skeleton table-of-contents. The image is intentionally temporary. Hell, the book site is minimal. 

Like a true MVP.

For the time being, the book is free. I need help, and I hope you can aid me by reading what I write, and spare no criticism.

Even good criticism.

I’m going to continue blogging about all this stuff, and some of it will go into the book. In the everydayunittesting.com site, I’ll blog about the progress of the book, and book related stuff.

I’m excited. Can you tell?

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