10 Reasons Why I’m Going to Agile Testing Days 2014

Just looked at my calendar, and it seemed that we’re only ten days away from Agile Testing Days! So here’s my rundown of the 10 top reasons to go to Agile Testing Days 2014:

10. Building a car in a day – This year, Team Wikispeed builds a car on-site with the Agile Testing crowd. Isn’t that cool?

9. MIATPP – This is the equivalent of a Eurovision song contest in the agile testing world. The crowd decides about the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional  Person this year. No committee, just the audience showing respect to knowledge.

8. Twitter – Last time, when the first keynote started, the audience was silent, but not online. The conversation continued throughout the conference. It’s like having your best friends near you discussing the sessions, live. Ideas and criticism flying by, and suddenly a formal presentation becomes a live shared experience.

7. Lean Coffee – This is one of the best meetings format I know, and having experienced (and cool) facilitators like Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory helps too.

6. Organization – It’s their umpteenth time organizing conferences, so not surprisingly, the conference is organized meticulously. Jose, Uwe and Madeleine are always there, taking there of the smallest details, and I don’t know how, I’m sure they will even outdo themselves this year.  Being part of the organizing team of the Agile Practitioners 2015 team I know how hard it is, and I salute them.

5. The speakers – Some of the best minds in testing are there, and they are so accessible. There is no “speaker lounge”, because there’s public spaces where you just meet and talk. I’m so lucky to be included in such a great group.

4. New stuff – I’m still finding my through the agile testing world. Every time I’m learning something about agile testing I discover how big the world of testing is. So much to learn!

3. The crowd – What I’ve learned last time is the attendees are so eager to learn, open and kind, it’s easily one of the best conferences to mingle at.

2. Old friends – They may not be that old, true. I’m still in contact with some of the people I’ve met last year, and the social aspect of the conference comes alive. It’s the crowd’s affect.

1. It’s AWESOME! Nuff said.

Get your ticket and see you at Potsdam!

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