Agile Practitioners 2015– By The Numbers

#APIL15 has come and gone, and what a week it was.

And what a record breaking success it’s been for our agile conference.

  • We had more than 220 registered attendees, the biggest turnout yet.
  • We had 44 workshop attendees, again, a record.
  • We had a 4 track conference, a first.
  • We had an HR Agile session, another first.
  • We had 3 presenters painting their own slides
  • We had a retrospective session for the conference as part of the conference.
  • We had 1 surprise birthday cake served
  • We had 1 additional head, apart from all those that came attached to bodies.

Ok, Dalia was only in a small part of the conference, but every head counts.

The conference was run by 8 crazy people as you can see in this picture.

That’s the last effort we took, by the way. A minute after taking this picture, we dropped to the floor and it took 3 days to get back to normal-hood. That’s why I’m writing this only now.

We’re already starting to plan what #APIL16 will be like. We have lots of ideas for our agile community.

Our main lesson: A community-run conference works. It’s amazing what a small group can do. We can do miracles with many more hands.

Won’t you join us next time? Leave me a note.

As amazing as #APIL15 was, the best is yet to come.

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