Belgium Testing Days–The Plan

In one month, I’m returning to Belgium Testing Days. It’s going to be a full week of work and learning. If last time is an indication, it’s going to be awesome, organized impeccably and a good place to learn about software development and testing.

That’s for everyone, of course. Now, if you want to stick with me, here’s what you get:

    • May 18th, I’ll be co-facilitating the “Personal Agility” workshop with Yves Hanoulle. I value visibility and prioritization, and we’re going to discuss and practice around these topics.  If you want to learn how to be effective with your time and tasks, join us.
    • May 19th, It’s all me, all day, with “The Secrets of Effective Unit Testing”. This is a hands-on advanced workshop for coders – developers and testers.  We’ll practice unit testing, refactoring and TDD techniques. If you want to enhance your testing skills, I really recommend it. I’ve prepared a promo video with more information:

  • May 21st, It’s a 2 hour workshop called “TDD for Testers – The Star Wars Experience”. Funnily enough, the idea for this workshop came up in last year’s BTD.  I was preparing to do my “Spaceship TDD” workshop, where a few guys came in, with iPads. I asked “Are you developers?”. They said “No”. I asked “Are you in the right place?” and they answered “Yes”. So I asked “Then what are you doing in a TDD workshop?” and they said, their developers talking about TDD and they wanted to know what’s this thing and it can help them as testers and business analysts. So instead of the regular spaceship we did an impromptu TDD for testers session. Of course with a Star Wars flavor.

If you’re a tester, a project manager, a product manager or any other role, and want to learn about how developers using Test Driven Development can help you do your job better, come to this workshop.

That’s where BTD ends for me, but not the rest of the week. A quick jump to London, and on May 22nd, I’m going to participate in Melissa Perri’s “Creating Effective Minimum Viable Products” workshop. I’ve met Melissa At ACE Conference, and during her sessions and others on the Product track, I realized that my product itch is still there, and I want to learn more. And if I’m in the neighborhood (sort of), why not?

So it’s going to be quite a week. If you’re thinking of coming to BTD, but haven’t made up your mind yet, I can get you a very nice speaker discount. If you’re there, come to the workshops. If you’re coming to the workshops, come to mine Smile.

And if you’re thinking about catching up on your Lean Product skills, and in London that weekend, I think there are still a few seats open at Melissa’s workshop.

See you at Brussels!

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