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Danko on Project Estimation

First, this is in Hebrew. Danko compares real life estimation (where normal people take into account abnormal occurances) to project estimation (where normal project managers don’t). This is so true in so many levels. Been there, and unfortunately done it. I’m waiting for the follow up post. This Fibonacci series estimation looks mighty interesting.

A Real World C# DSL

Anders Noras writes about how to develop a DSL (domain specific language) in C#, using fluent interface. Most of what I’ve seen until now was in Ruby. It’s very interesting, and I need to imagine how you TDD this thing. It is a leap outside the OO world, as some OO rules are broken for

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Best Practices

I almost cried when I read this. It’s via Scott Hanselman’s blog. Patrick Cauldwell wrote down a list of commandments for the developer. While it is a bit .Net centric, it can be modified to suit everyone. As long their into TDD, continuous integration, refactoring and patterns.