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You Can’t Build An MVP

MVP is an acronym for Minimum Viable Product. Ever since the Lean Startup book and movement appeared, it has become the staple of “successfully building the right product”. It’s pretty clear, right? Minimum – it contains just the needed features that enable us to make money. Viable – people are willing to give us money for it.

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Agile VS Real Life

The Agile Manifesto tells us that: We have come to value “Individuals and Interaction over Processes and Tools”  Reality tells us otherwise. Want to do unit testing? Pick up a test framework and you’re good to go. Want your organization to be agile? Scrum is very simple, and SAFe is scaled simplicity. We know there

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Painful Lessons

When asked about what is agile these days, I say: the ability of an organization to produce software that customers want on a frequent basis. It’s very close to principle of the agile manifesto, as you can probably see. With that in mind, I’d like to take you a trip down memory lane, something like

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