Are Sensible Arguments Enough?

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Yesterday we had our weekly company meeting, and we discussed the value we offer, as well as the challenges we face in explaining it. This morning I read this post about advantages of TDD and testing early, on the Google testing blog (There are smart people working at Google), as well as the comments. Somehow, the stars aligned and both connected on the same day (or so).

I agree whole-heartedly with what Shyam Seshadri wrote – the arguments are relevant. They make sense. Or do they? Well, the secret is, they make sense to the converted.

Because after you’ve read the post (and comments), go back up, and read the intro – Shyam is still frustrated that he cannot convince his peers to do unit testing, even though he’s using these sound arguments. Obviously, they are not not enough.

In the next webinar, we’re going to discuss some of the challenges, and methods to deal with them. If you feel the frustration – it’s good. It means you care about your code, product and your professionalism. Let’s direct it to the correct channel (and I’m not talking about violence. This time.).

I’ll post more after the webcast. Join us and share the things you do to get people on board.

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