Eran Ruso on a Good Build Machine

It’s a nice post, that covers the essentials, in addition to what I posted before.

A nice plus would be the ability to run integration tests as well. The build server should be able to at least run nightly, and in such cases, why stick to just unit tests?

The ideal is to build with every check-in, including running the unit tests, for getting quick feedback.. Then on a timely basis, run the integration tests as well. This way you’re covered.

2 comments on “Eran Ruso on a Good Build Machine”

  1. eran Reply

    In my post I have talked about the build machine, the additions you have mentioned are very good but they all are about the “build service”.

    Eran Ruso

  2. Gil Zilberfeld Reply


    right you are. I usually take things from one context and project them into another. I hope you don’t mind.

    But isn’t the tool part of the solution? Process always needs to go hand in hand with the tool.

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