How to surprise a skeptic?

I’m sometimes amazed at how things can go right so quickly. I mean, I’m a skeptic by nature. And as a skeptic, the fact that you can get from point to A to B in a very short way, well, amazes me.

Exhibit A: I wanted to have a dialog with opinion leaders in the community. I email them, asking for help. They answer. 

Exhibit B: I wanted to have a dialog with some community leaders. I turned to my friends in that country, asked for names and for introductions. When introduced, I talk about how I can help them. They are eager to help.

Now before everyone rejoices, it takes work. Not all opinion leaders I turn to, answer. They answering also depends on the language, tone and topic. And for my friends to introduce me, I need great relationship with them.

The good thing about being a skeptic cynical soul – when things don’t go the way you expect.

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