Invisible Audience

in Knetlik I presented over Skype, without seeing the audience.

It was weird. But it didn’t start there. The preparation of the presentation took that into account as well.

If you’re my audience, and you don’t see me, and all you’ve got to look at is a screen (and of course listen to my captivating voice). if that’s you I need to work hard to keep you engaged.

First of all, I put a picture of myself at the beginning, so people can at least know how their voodoo doll should look like.

That meant in my presentation I should make more full, readable text. Also, I had to flip slides more quickly. And I talked quickly (which apart from my natural tendency, there was also the time limit that loomed over).

Of course, without looking at the audience, I could not tell if they are interested, angry, or throwing things at the big screen.

Weird. But I’ve learned a couple of things. Like for example, this thing is not going away. Webinars, webcasts, broadcasts – all these need to be interesting, engaging, funny, aggravating. Otherwise, you’ll lose the audience.

And then you’re back in square one, looking at an empty room.

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