Social media works. Now what?

File under the “can’t believe it works” section.

Social media was something I knew about and used for a while. I’ve got my twitter, which is active and I use as a tool for my work.

I’ve got a Facebook account which is not too active (but it’s connected to Twitter, so you might say it is).

I’ve got this blog, and the Typemock blog, which is a 1-to-N publishing mechanism.

And finally I’ve got LinkedIn which I usually use to search for people, by getting more people into my network.

My views about social media have changed drastically in the last few weeks, thanks to working with Tal, our new marketing director at Typemock. I now see social media as a very effective tool, not just a nice-to-have one.

And I know, I’m late to the party, I sound so 2005ish. But as skeptic, it’s results that impact my belief.

And the results are there (and Tal gets all the credit for that): Hundreds of people joined in less than two weeks our Facebook and Twitter campaigns, that got us connected to people who are in our target market.

So now I do believe it works. And I’ll need to find something new to be skeptic about. Don’t worry, won’t be long.

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