One Job, Two Companies

In my interview with Uncle Bob, he mentioned a special model of apprenticeship. If people are to grow within a company in skills and experience, they need time. But if people change jobs every 2 years in average, how does that going to happen?

What if you could switch jobs, on the job? Two companies have an agreement to switch workers. So after you’ve grown in one company, you’d go work in the other.

Think about it. You go to work in one company, work there for a year and then go back to work at another. Obviously, you get paid, all your terms still apply, but you get to switch environments, peers, mentors.

It’s pretty easy to understand what you can gain here. I can also understand why you wouldn’t want to do that, if given the chance. People like their comfort zone. People don’t like changes. Why should they switch, for the sake of growing?

And there’s the rub. If you want to grow, you need to jump over steps, which may be uncomfortable, but necessary. If you’ve got a chance like that with a company that stands behinds such a process, wouldn’t you jump on this opportunity?

It may not be for everyone. But if you want to invest in yourself, this could be the place for you.

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