Upcoming Gigs

I usually don’t do this often but things have piled up recently. So here is where you’ll find me in the next months:

Agile practitioners Israel: Looks to be a great 2nd conference. With guest presenters like Dan North, Yves Hanoulle and Markus Gartner, it’s bound to be awesome. I’m going to give a presentation called “It’s not that simple”. Because it just isn’t. Jan-30th, 2013 in Kfar Hamakabia, Israel.

DevCon TLV: This is a one-day conference abound with technologies for developers in Tel Aviv. To counter all the technologies, there’s an agile track.  I’m going to give the short version of the Agile Tribe Wars. Joining me on the track are Agile Sparks’ Yuval Yeret and Better Place’s Dror Helper. Feb-14th 2013 in Tel Aviv.

The Reversim Summit: Only a couple of days later, there’s a two-day conference, for developers. There are a lot of topics from development, craftsmanship, product management and devops. Which I think is a kind of first in Israel. I’m going to do a workshop on how to “TDD a spaceship”. If you don’t have a spaceship of your own, this could be your opportunity. Feb-18-19th 2013 in Tel Aviv.

Agile Dev Practices: This is a good one with lots of great speakers, all about agile and kanban . I’m really excited about this, because of speakers like Ellen Gottesdiener, Pawel Brodzinsky Olav Maasen and Chris Matts. I’m going to do the Unit Testing Spring Cleaning presentation about how to make good unit tests last. Mar-5-8th 2013 in Potsdam-Berlin.

Sela Developer Practice: This is more Microsoft technology oriented. Sela is a premiere software training school in Israel, and they have some nice presentations on all kinds of MS technologies. And they have rounded up a nice bunch of internation speakers, so if MS Tech is your thing, go there.  I’m giving a “7 steps to write your first test”, focusing on going over the hump of starting out with unit testing. 5-9 May 2013, Tel Aviv.

Yup, pretty busy. And who knows, maybe more. Stay tuned.

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