The Agile Autumn of 2013

Autumn is upon us, and the conference cycle resumes. Where can you find me this time?

On October 4-5, I’ll be in Kiev, going back to Agile Eastern Europe again. It was great fun last time, and I bet it’s going to be twice as fun this time.

In Agile EE I’m going to do a short Pecha Kucha session called “Not the agile I used to know”, which in the way it’s shaping up to be, going to be a twenty minute rant about how agile was great when so few people were actually doing it, and how it’s falling from grace. You know, the post-agile stuff better not brought to an agile conference, but I’m just stubborn. I am working on the upbeat angle for the ending, I hope I come up with it by then.

Apart from that I’m taking my TDD spaceship on a tour. The first international workshop will be in Agile EE. When I first looked at the agenda, that was a humbling experience, since that workshop is strategically located between Karl Scotland’s and Liz Keogh’s workshops. I wish I could split myself in three at the same time to both go to these workshops and do mine. But since I can’t, if you’re technically inclined join me to discover why TDD is the secret fuel behind any modern or future spaceship.

Then the spaceship goes to Potsdam, Germany to Agile Testing Days! That’s in the end of October (28th-31st). Again, lots of great speakers,  I’m so privileged to be part of such a great event. Early bird is ending on Aug 31st, and if you want to pay even less, ping me.

I’m working on other stuff as well, so stay tuned. It’s gonna get busy.

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