“Planning with #NoEstimates” Slides from #APIL meetup

2 comments on ““Planning with #NoEstimates” Slides from #APIL meetup”

  1. Simon Reply

    Some good points and not as bigoted as some #noEstimates but still parading a naked emperor. Would you disavow the wheel if you get a flat tyre? would you disavow the wheel because the flat was because the fitting mechanic was untrained and incompetent?
    (oh and Liz didn’t invent “Runner/ Repeater/ Stranger/ Alien” its so ancient the roots are lost in folklore that was old before she was born).

    • Gil Zilberfeld Reply

      Thanks Simon!
      I wouldn’t becaue I’m educated and open minded 🙂
      Everything has context. That includes experience, and mine shows a bias away from estimates.

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