“Better Estimation and Planning” Workshop at Nordic Testing Days 2019

Gil Zilberfeld is speaking on agile planning in nordic testing days 2019

It’s Nordic Testing Days time again!

And this time I’m wearing my agile hat (The TDD hat gets a rest until ExpoQA two weeks later). I’m going to talk about the dreaded planning session. Or in other words – estimates hurt so much, can we stop?

Well, if you’re lucky, the answer would be yes (that’s #NoEstimates), but even if not, and estimates are not going away, we’ll make sure we’re using them wisely.

This workshop is about experiencing all kinds of estimates, starting with agile oldie-but-goodie planning poker, but soon move into more “accurate” and “precise” methods, like using historical data for projections.

In the end I’ll even show you tools you can take home and use with your teams for making planning sessions less hurtful, and even shorter.

God may not play with dice, but we will. I’m bringing all kinds of dice, and we’re going to make history. Literally.

This is going to be fun.

But Nordic Testing Days is also about, you know, testing. I’m looking forward to meet old and new friends and discuss testing, TDD, BDD, Clean code and all kinds of ways to make sure software does what it should.

Check out the full abstract of the workshop on the Nordic Testing Days site.

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