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Want To Improve? Start With Respect

To improve we need transparency. We cannot solve problems we don’t see. We can’t improve an invisible process. We need people to speak out about how they feel, how their work is affected. In order to improve, my team needs me to admit I’m late, and not hide I’m working for two weeks, digging a hole, and find out

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What The 5th Agile Principle Really Means

The Agile Manifesto has 4 principles. In Agile 2008, Uncle Bob Martin in his keynote suggested a 5th principle: Craftsmanship over Execution (Yes, I’m 3 years late for the party, but bear with me. This came to me as I’m preparing to my NDC talk). All principles were written by technical people who emphasized communication

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A Magical Experience at the Munich Coding Dojo

ADC 2011 incidentally happened on a day when a meeting was scheduled for the Munich coding dojo meeting. Luckily, we were invited to the meeting by Ilker Cetinkaya. The first thing you’ll notice in the picture, is that I may seem shorter than the other people there. I’m still suspecting Adi used a fish-eye camera.

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