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Role Playing

When I first took on product management, I started learning techniques, like understanding the market, strategy, SWOT analysis. While I didn’t write “proper” user stories, I prioritized requirements, and was there for the team to describe scenarios, answer questions, update on news, test the application and give feedback. My time was split between doing “product management”

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Agile Greece 2016 Interview

I’ll be at Agile Greece this year! In addition to the “Advanced Agile Programming Techniques” workshop, I’ll do the new, improved and highly Star-Wars enabled “Why TDD is important for everyone”. First, get your ticket, and then enjoy this interview about those topics and Star Wars.

“Work” Slides

Last week I had a very interesting session. My dad and his friends have their own meetup, when they invite speakers to present topics of all kinds. I presented this week. While some of them did have ties to the tech industry, the topic was how organizations are built, and how they work. Why they are

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