We’re currently starting to work towards the annual management review. Most of the time I’ve been here at Bio-Rad, I used to be at the other end. It goes like this: QA shows different metrics and measurements collected recently, relating to the whole year. Project manager looks surprised. (I’ve practiced, so I know). Investigation begins.

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Silverlight and Content War

The news from MIX keep coming, and it’s looking very interesting. Scoble says “Microsoft rebooted the Web”. On one hand, until a few weeks ago I was sure Silverlight was another attempt by Microsoft to take over another turf, with not too promising odds. Going after Adobe seems futile. But now, Silverlight starts to look

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Hello world!

This would be the first entry, so this is where I have to define where I’m going with this blog. Not that I really know yet. I’m currently in an interesting position. After 13 years of doing software development, architecture and managing software projects, I wound up in a place where I should be able

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