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I listen to podcasts on my commute which is currently ~1.5 hrs a day. In addition, another 3 hours during workout. A small calculation I did a few weeks ago – In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, I learned the equivalent of a very stacked semester! That’s a lot.

First and foremost is not a tech podcast: Manager Tools. My guiding light, no less. See, my management skills were developed on the job. Coming from a technical background makes things worse, since us geeks are infamous for lacking those very important people skills.

So it really depends on your teachers. Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne make management (look) easy, with their experience, humor and the step-by-step approach to different managerial tasks. And unlike other courses, presentations and managerial aids, it all makes sense, AND it doesn’t break. Things I heard a year ago, don’t conflict with thing I hear now. This consistency makes me trust them even more. Like Mark says: it all falls into place.

I’m not sure how I came upon this podcast. I do remember the first episode I listened to was on presentations. The first hint was that I was on to something was that I came out of this thinking: I actually don’t know anything about this. (Of course I thought I did 45 minutes earlier). Slipping down the slope was easy from there.

I’m not currently in a managerial position, but a lot of stuff sinks in, and I look at things differently. What really helped me was the discussion on communication styles. Amazing stuff.

I encourage everyone, new or experienced managers, non-managers, everyone who understands its all about people (Mark’s first law, and boy is it right) – sign up, and register (free). In addition to the weekly podcast, there’s an additional monthly podcast to registered listeners.

After you start listening to this, like many listeners you’ll ask – are they crazy giving this stuff for free? Thanks M&M.

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  1. Mark Reply


    Thanks for the kind words! We’re glad you’re with us and getting value from our work.

    We’re not crazy. Just nice.


  2. Gil Reply

    You’re welcome.

    Part of spreading the word: There was a question on LinkedIn about team building – how to use half a day for that. My answer liked directly to the podcast.

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