My Favorite Podcasts – HanselMinutes

I guess this would be the second favorite, following Manager-Tools. How do I rate them? I guess it’s how long I wait from publish to when I listen.

Scott Hanselman is a Boy Wonder. He’s the chief architect in his company, works with Microsoft .Net technologies, but dabbles with many other technologies on the side. His podcasts (usually come out weekly) are about half hour long, which are interviews – either with him or by him. They cover technologies from Microsoft and others. Although there’s a Microsoft affinity, there’s no sucking up there. If MS did something wrong, he’ll tell you.

Apart from Scott’s blog, which is full of great information, there’s also Scott’s annual tool list. This guy makes productivity a holy word, and so, he dedicates his time to explore new ways to be more effective. The list of tools, some cost money, some free is updated yearly, and I regularly goes back to it, to see if I can fit some tools into my belt.

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