Webcast Story

Let’s see – how did we get here?

It was in October 2009. We were planning to go the SharePoint conference, and got a video camera. On the spur of the moment, Roy said: why don’t we do a webcast? And that’s how “This week in testing” came out to be. One shot recording, upload, voila.

And we did a couple more. Then more people joined. And I took a couple steps back, and done some editing (new toys, learned a lot, got tired). Some videos were short (about 10 mins), some longer -  30 or more.

And we looked at the numbers, people were not watching more than 3-4 minutes. We played with the format, content, setting and alcohol and we’re still continuing to do that.

It has now become a marketing project – recording, editing, preparing, throwing mics around. And with more people, we get more opinions on how this should be done.

Yesterday’s shooting left me with the thought of: “So when bands break over creative differences, that’s what it looks like”. We want it to be the coolest, most informative, entertaining, professional, subversive, addictive webcast ever. The thing is – we can’t have it all.

We’re going to continue doing this. it’s just that Alice in wonderland theme again: Which way to choose? It depends on where we want to get to .

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