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Upcoming Presentations: Florida First!

Here’s a short, incomplete list of my upcoming public speaking engagements. When I know, you’ll know. I’ll be speaking at the Agile Development Practices East Conference on Wednesday November 9th, at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida. My talk is about “8 Principles for Better Unit Testing”. I’ll be at the conference area throughout Wednesday

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Agile’s Secret Ingredient

I’m a big fan of Manager Tools. I’ve been listening to the podcast and recommending it to anyone, manager or not, for the last five years. A recurring topic in the podcast is Manager Tools co-founder Mark Horstman’s laws: It’s all about people More communication is better. And there are more, and I invite you

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Webcast Story

Let’s see – how did we get here? It was in October 2009. We were planning to go the SharePoint conference, and got a video camera. On the spur of the moment, Roy said: why don’t we do a webcast? And that’s how “This week in testing” came out to be. One shot recording, upload,

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