The things I knew then…

In the discussions we had in last week, specifically the one on teaching and learning, Ohad talked about having the need to consult with other architects. (He went on to found the IASA Israeli chapter). And then he asked – if you’re one of the guys who want to learn, yet you don’t have people around you to pass along ideas, or even rubber ducks – what do you do?

Obviously, is not the place to ask this – because people come there to learn, consult, kick around ideas and challenge others. I said, that in the past (pre Typemock days) I used to be in that position as well. And what did I do?

For one, for some ideas I had Gadi, who was consulting for my company at the time. And in his words (loosely translated): “I showed Gil all the bumps in the road, and let him pick the ones he wants to run to head first.” (and yes, I did).

But I had to also admit…

In those days, being the smartest, expert, and yes, even the prettiest – I didn’t feel I needed to consult. Sure there were problems I encountered, but hey –there was Google, and books, and I KNEW there was nothing that I couldn’t do. So consulting (which involved dealing with those pesky humans) was something completely optional.

So what can I tell you today, with the mountain of experience I’ve collected? If you’re reading this, and you’re the top smartest techiest guy in your company and you feel you don’t need anybody else, here’s a newsflash – you do. Find a group, or just beer buddies you can talk about everyday stuff. This is the real power that makes  problems go away.

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