NoSQL and real life

I read this post and really sympathized. I see that a lot of these in software – there’s a new flavor of the month every, well month. And we forget how we got to this point. And then we throw away the baby with the bathwater. And then we do it again.

Another thing we discussed in last week was how although there are new technologies popping left and right, and we don’t have time to master even a few, what businesses really rely on are COBOL programmers, for examples. They already have working software, they just need people for modifications in the current system, and nobody’s shouting we have to rewrite it from scratch, because there’s no business value there.

Real world problems don’t always rely on technology solutions. We don’t always need the newest shiniest tools. We do need the best tools for the job.

So next time you go on a crusade for a technology or tool – are you solving real problems?

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  1. Assaf Stone Reply

    Somebody suggested that NoSQL should really stand for Not only SQL…

    I think that is the right sentiment. Sometimes – for example, especially when dealing with systems that use islands of information, such as user-generated content, and unrelated aggregates, document databases are better in every way, than relational ones.

    I guess it’s always a matter of knowing how to choose the right weapon for the right battle.

  2. Gil Zilberfeld Reply


    It is about the right tool for the right job.

    But apart from that, but I can detect the pattern of people riding a wave. False gods or not – people do love a good wave to ride.

    The problem of course is with those listening to them, and now they need to decide why they are so loud.

    Here I go again…

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