Lazy and Effective

I had a great moment at work last week. It was of the things that with zero work, I got a win-win-win situation.

A few weeks ago I caught a tweet from Eric about him presenting on EF. I replied with a link to a video, that was made by Muhammad Mosa, one of our Typemock MVPs. This  week I got asked if I could do a guest post on unit testing Entity Framework.

Yes, of course I can. But here’s what I did. I asked Muhammad if he would write it. He agreed.

Here’s the result: Eric’s happy, because he’s got interesting content on his blog. Muhammad’s happy because he’s getting the exposure on a big blog. And I’m happy because I get more people exposed to Typemock and unit testing, helping my friends and all that with a couple of keystrokes.

I said that laziness can get you so far.Sometimes, laziness can be cool.

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