Presenting at LIDNUG this Thursday

I’ll be presenting on the next LIDNUG’s online presentation, Thursday, July 22nd, 11:00AM to 12:30PM PDT/PST (GMT-8). My presentation will be about “Unit testing in the wild”. I’ll show how to test real code, that happens to be in real life.

Expect the unexpected. Ok, and code examples in different technologies, like SharePoint, WCF and ASP.Net, with the help of Typemock tools.

Come one, come all (I prefer all), it’s free. You can RSVP and read more about it in this page.

Gil Zilberfeld (that cute guy on the right)

2 comments on “Presenting at LIDNUG this Thursday”

  1. Tal Reply

    Hi, I need your help here, I signed in and RSVP and all is well, but I can’t find the cute guy on the right?! any ideas? help? directions?
    Thank you ever so much

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