Big Wednesday

It will be for me.This Wednesday, December 15th, I’m going to be a bit busy.

3pm Israel time, that’s 2pm CET, and 8am EST I’m giving a webinar about steps you can take right now toward agile. I really like to learn real world actionable stuff, and this webinar is where I’m giving back. Do you want to know what to do if no one joins your stand up? 

Register here.

software-craftsmanship-manifestoAlmost immediately following that, I’m off to the Israeli Software Craftsmanship User Group  (6pm IST). This time we’re going to have a sort of a baseball game – we’re going to have four bases. I’m manning the TDD table. We’ll also have a DRY table, code review table, and a TBA table. That’s “to be announced”, not a new design acronym. People will swarm from one table to another like big flocks of birds, getting a taste from each delicacy.

And if you’re living in Israel, or planning a quick visit to Tel Aviv on Wednesday – come join me. Register here.

I’m also doing other stuff on Wednesday, like work, but other than a few people I plan to meet, your not invited. Use the two other links to say hi.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you very much for managing the TDD table. The feedbacks were great and we all enjoyed from this evening!

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