Upcoming Presentations: Florida First!

Here’s a short, incomplete list of my upcoming public speaking engagements. When I know, you’ll know.

I’ll be speaking at the Agile Development Practices East Conference on Wednesday November 9th, at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida. My talk is about “8 Principles for Better Unit Testing”. I’ll be at the conference area throughout Wednesday and Thursday, so if you’re there, come say hi.




Two days before that, November 7th, I’ll be at the Deerfield Beach user group meeting (part of Florida.Net) where I’ll do my “10 Secret unit testing tips” and do a group code kata. They call it a Deerfield Beach Special Edition, and I hope it will be special indeed.

Looking a bit far into the future, I’ll be speaking at the Agile Practitioners 2012 in Israel, on January 31st next year. The topic is not closed yet, so stay tuned and get ready for a surprise.

In the meantime, I’m doing a webinar each month at Typemock. Next week, Wednesday October 26th, I’m doing the  long-named “The Step by Step Guide to Building Effective Agile Development Processes”, so if you haven’t yet, register now!

For more of me, check out slides and recordings at the Events and Webinars page. And if you want to hear and meet me closer to where you live, invite me!

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